Will Packer, Ice Cube ride along to FAMU

Florida A&M alumnus and producer Will Packer brought Ice Cube to the Set on Wednesday.

The two are on a promotional college tour for Packer’s new film, “Ride Along.” The action-comedy features Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter and John Leguizamo.

Hundreds of students were on the Set to see Ice Cube and Packer. When Ice Cube arrived, he energized the crowd by ad-libbing his ‘90s hit “We Be Clubbin.”

Packer then announced a private screening of the film later that night at the AMC Regal Theater.

Students lined up to get their posters autographed and to receive their free VIP tickets for the movie screening.

Afterward, Ice Cube and Packer continued their tour at Florida State University. Packer, who was a DJ when he went to FAMU, returned to host a surprise segment on WANM 90.5.

“It’s DJ Will Power,” Packer said. “Forget the rest of these cowards.”

Later, Packer got Ice Cube on the air during a phone interview.

“Out of all the colleges, FAMU showed love,” Ice Cube said.

He also talked about how this film relates to past movies he has been involved in.

“It’s definitely in line with other hood classics I’ve been a part of,” Ice Cube said.

Packer shared his experience producing “Ride Along.”

“This is actually one of the most fun movies I’ve made,” Packer said. “Cube and Kevin have a great off-screen chemistry. The fact they have kind of opposite personalities, it works well.”

Packer has high hopes for this film.

“I want this movie to be a blockbuster,” he said.

Jomarr Tate, a third-year architecture student from Tampa, and a few other students, could not make it into the screening. But Packer came out and gave the students passes to see the second screening on Wednesday.

“I couldn’t see the movie, but he looked out and got us tickets for next week,” Tate said.

“Ride Along” will officially debut in theaters Jan. 17.