FAMU alumna displays swimsuit line at NY Fashion Week

Florida A&M alumna and and designer of Allusions Altrichia Cook was featured in the semi-annual New York Fashion week added more designs on her swimsuit collection.

Cook was given the opportunity to have her swimwear line featured in New York Fashion Week. FAMU students have even heard about the line and are interested in what’s to come in her future projects.

“I love what she has to offer, these pieces are very unique,”said Denise Hunter, a senior physical therapy student from Orlando.

Social networks played a role in Cook getting involved in New York Fashion week.

“I was notified through social media to apply, Cook said. “I had just made the deadline when I submitted my portfolio. Luckily, I got a call back and we went from there.”

The event featured many prestigious designers such as Betsy Johnson who designs dresses, shoes, handbags and more.

“This was an elite and premiere experience,” Cook said.

Cook’s seamstress Neville Henry, who Cook has worked with for years, said the event was an intense, yet a rewarding experience.

“It was a lot of work, but I hope to be featured again and again and again,” Henry said.

Cook has been designing for two-and-a-half years. Cook said she began designing her own clothes to create what was best fit for her after taking the items to a seamster whom she later created a business-related bond with.

“I developed a habit from shopping,” she said. “And I would take the items I purchased to a seamstress whom I have developed a relationship with to create my own look.”

However, after she had a baby, Cook was inspired to design her own swimsuit bottoms.

“The high-waist bottoms that were sold in local stores still did not meet my expectations when it came to covering up my stretch marks, so I created my own,” Cook said.

After designing the new look, Cook then proposed to her semester that they should begin to create a swimwear line after so many people inquired about Cook’s swimsuit in online photos.

“I knew that this was a good idea and this would sell in the future so I agreed,” Henry said.

Allusions by A.Lekay is not a clothing line only catering to women who had children but women of all shapes and sizes.

“My designs are not ordinary, my clients will stand out and every woman will feel luxurious and fashionable,” Cook said.

Aarolyn Spradley, a fashion blogger and fashion week photographer, said Altrichia’s line is bold and fun.

“I love how she adds a surprise element to each piece,” Spradley said. “High-waist swimsuits are so trendy right now and her collection launched perfectly in line with the high demand for these sexy swimsuits.”

Allusions by A.Lekay future entails a lifetime goal the designer wants to achieve.

“I have always been a driven individual and the success of my business will allow me to achieve my lifetime goal of establishing a non-profit resource center for teen mothers,” Cook said.