City commissioners make a few stops ‘About Town’

City Commissioners Andrew Gillum and Gil Ziffer made stops at an elementary school, Florida State University and Miracle Village Nursing Center for their monthly “About Town Forum on Wednesday.

The initiative, which is called “Life in Tallahassee in a Single Day,” was created by the city’s Innovation and Engagement Target Issue Committee, where Gillum serves as the lead commissioner.

Michelle Bono, assistant to the city manager, said the committee aims to increase government awareness.

“The goal of the committee is to get the Tallahassee citizens more involved with the city government and to give them an opportunity to communicate any suggestions or concerns they may have,” Bono said.

The day began at 9:15 a.m. at Lillian Ruediger Elementary School. City commissioners and other special guests read to second grade students to increase interest in the Accelerated Reader program.

At 10:30 a.m., the commissioners traveled to FSU, where they spoke at the Student Government Association Leadership Breakfast about fostering leadership skills and the importance of being involved in the community.

The day ended at Miracle Village, where residents were able to communicate with the commissioners about issues and concerns they face in the facility.

“Our seniors are the people who have given so much to our city and our community,” Gillum said. “We owe it to them to do what we can to make sure that their latter years are the best that they can be.”

Miracle Village residents freely posed questions about falling tree limbs in their patio area, safety concerns and installing a children’s play area.

Gillum was excited about the day. He said he looks forward to giving back to the residents of Miracle Village through engaging conversation and action.

Christine Van Norman, a retired resident of Miracle Village, was encouraged by Gillum and Ziffer.

“The people who run for office need us just as much as we need them,” Van Norman said. “Sometimes they forget that. Today I felt great that they took the time to come to our home and speak to us personally.”