No Shave November brings male cancer awareness

Men across the country and abroad will be taking part in “Movember” in support for prostate and male-based cancers.

The monthlong event started in 1999 in Adelaide, South Australia. A group of young men coined the term “Movember” in an effort to grow their moustaches for charity throughout the month of November, according to the Movember website.

Lebron Allen, a FAMU alumnus, has worked with cancer patients and said he appreciates those bringing cancer awareness.

“Any form of cancer awareness is significant,” Allen said. “Since leaving education and working as a registered nurse on an oncology floor, I see how cancer impacts patients and their families.”

Websites have been created to add to the awareness of Movember, or as some call it, “No Shave November.” and both contain information about the monthlong event and allow people to donate to charities.

Movember has inspired some FAMU students to consider joining in the cause.

Joshua Vasquez, a first-year agronomy student from Orlando, said he wants to help bring awareness to male cancers “whether it be for prostate, testicular or, as rare as it seems, breast cancer in men.” also dedicated a page to women who support the cause. Noshember thanks women and encourages them to only go as far as not shaving their legs.

Neosha Brown, a community psychology graduate student from Dawson, Ga., said the enlightenment on prostate cancer is refreshing.

“It is great for the knowledge that it gives men,” Brown said.

Tameisha Hinton, a senior pre-pharmacy student from Miami, agreed.

“I know prostrate cancer is very prominent in older males, especially black males,” Hinton said. “Getting prostrate checks early to detect any abnormalities can prevent it.”

Some people do not participate just for the philanthropic efforts. For people like Stephen Rodriguez, an unemployed resident in the Tallahassee community, Movember is a lifestyle.

“It’s one of the few moments where it is completely acceptable to be who you are,” Rodriguez said. “There’s something unnatural about shaving, as if we try to go against our true form. We alter the way we look based on others’ opinions.”

He later joked and said, “Not something I would recommend for dudes who are trying to find a job.”