Letter to editor

During my homecoming visit, I picked up The Famuan and read the subject article and could not believe the old stereotypes of Florida State University students regarding Florida A&M’s homecoming in Tallahassee still exists.

It’s been 33 years since I graduated from FAMU, and those same feelings and comments from FSU students were communicated then. I’d hoped that after three decades those racist overtones would have vanished in the new generation of FSU and FAMU students.

Tallahassee is rich with two major state universities and one would think with all this cerebral value that the co-op between the two campus cultures would be respectful.

Maybe FSU students should be invited to attend more FAMU campus activities, including homecoming, and the same could be done with FAMU students at FSU.

The students at both schools can’t do anything about the past, but they certainly can do something about the future. I commend the FSU co-op student who wrote that article.

I hope that this attitude of FSU students toward FAMU’s homecoming or any events is non-existent 30 years from now. If not, we have all failed miserably.

Respectfully submitted,
Cal Walton Jr.
1980 FAMU Alumnus