Casey Glines, a noticeable giant on FAMU’s football team

Florida A&M’s transfer wide receiver Casey Glines stands out from the rest of his teammates.

Besides the fact that Glines is a 6-foot-6 Caucasian from Neola, Utah, he has other qualities that make him unique.

He is also a Latter-day Saint Mormon and has been married for a year.

Glines said he has spoken to a few teammates about his religion, and even though there are certain principles Glines must follow, he said he still feels as if he is the same as his teammates.

“There are not many people on campus that has the same religion,” Glines said. “I go to church with two other guys … It’s definitely different. It’s a good change, and it’s nothing I didn’t expect.”

Glines and his wife, Carol, moved to Tallahassee in the summer. The pair is still adjusting to his more demanding schedule and her new career.

His schedule at FAMU is much longer than his junior college schedule, where he would leave practice at 5:30 p.m. Now, he leaves practice around 8 p.m.

Despite his football schedule and being a full-time student, he said still makes time for Carol.

“We don’t see each other that often,” Casey said. “She works, and I’m at school all day. When we go home, we try to have good quality time with each other.”

Carol is an administrative assistant at Florida State University in the department of earth, oceans and atmospheric science.

She said her and Casey’s busy schedules have not affected their relationship negatively.

“He’s good at separating our relationship and football,” she said.

Even though she and Casey do not spend much time together, Carol said they make the most their time. She said she is proud of her marriage.

“It’s fun to watch him from the crowd to see how talented he is,” Carol said. “It is great to know that’s my husband out there.”

Carson Royal, a sophomore quarterback from Jacksonville, met Casey this summer.

“When I first met Casey, he told me he was married,” Royal said. “He acts like everyone else, but he’s living a bit more of a mature life.”

FAMU’s offensive coordinator Quinn Gray recruited Casey, who played for Snow College before transferring.

Casey said he never heard of FAMU before Gray spoke to him. But after the initial conversation, he said he decided to do his research.

“He called me at my junior college and asked me what it would take for me to get out here,” Casey said. “I said pay for my school, my tuition and books, get me out here on scholarship and me and my wife will come.”

Although he has been at FAMU for less than a full season, he has already begun to make coaches take notice. He has 10 catches for 78 yards this season, averaging 7.8 yards per catch with two touchdowns this season.

Assistant head coach George Small said Casey is a tremendous and surprise asset to the team.

“The talent he brings from the state of Utah is extraordinary,” Small said. “You would not think the state of Utah would be producing a wide receiver like him.”

Wide receiver coach Ernie Mills said he has never coached a receiver Casey’s size who moves at a good pace.

“He’s getting better each day,” Mills said. “He’s a good young man. He does what you ask of him. He wants to get better, and he works at it.”