Paddyfote buildings remain open

Florida A&M’s Paddyfote Complex buildings A and B will not close after all.

Oscar Crumity, university housing director, said continuing the facility’s operation was decided by university administrators.

Students who were relocated are able to return to their original living accommodations.

“If a student desires to return to Paddyfote, he or she may do so,” Crumity said. “The process requires the student to submit a request to the main housing office staff indicating his or her desire to relocate to Paddyfote.”

Administrators were not clear on why they decided to not buildings.

Earlier this month, students were told they had to move out of their Paddyfote dorms. The buildings were being closed to reduce the department’s operating expenses.

Crumity said the decision to close buildings A and B for the fall semester resulted from a lower-than-anticipated occupancy for this year.

Revenue has decreased as a result of the reduced occupancy.

Rickila Smith, a second-year political science pre-law student from Lakeland, Fla., said she was informed of the changes by receiving a letter under her door.

“I’m happy that Paddyfote is staying open,” Smith said. “I can have more time to focus on my studies instead of moving all of my stuff.”

Other students are happy to continue living in Paddyfote Hall. Keon Richardson, a first-year education student from Tampa, said he has his own room and is happy he does not have to move to Gibbs Hall.

“At first I didn’t like the fact of staying in Paddyfote, but I’ve come to enjoy it,” Richardson said.

Lashawnda Morgan, a second-year biology pre-med student from Tampa, said it was a good decision to keep the buildings open, but the initial decision to close them was inconvenient.

“I am still in disagreement with the university’s decision to tell people they are closing down the buildings, and then call it off at the last minute,” Morgan said. “Not only is it stressful for the residents but for the RAs who were going to potentially lose their jobs.”

According to Crumity, there are 2,158 students residing on campus. Paddyfote Hall’s occupancy is at 87.1 percent, compared to its 84.46 percent occupancy in fall 2012.

Based on current occupancy, the revenue will remain constant, and buildings A and B should not affect the new facility scheduled to open in August. There are also plans to renovate some of the existing residential facilities on campus.