Apple iPad draws fans

Apple touts its iPad as a growing favorite with students.

According to, the iPad continues to transform the way users learn and t he apps and content create an endless learning opportunities. With Apple releasing it’s latest iPad Air Nov. 1, students are considering just how much they use Apple products.

Jordan Chaney, a senior music industry student from Atlanta, said he will grab his iPad before a notepad.

“I rarely take notes on paper anymore,” Chaney said. “I utilize the pages app and email myself the notes after class. It’s way more efficient and its eco-friendly.”

Chaney also said he’s become more in-tune with using technology because of Apple.

“I’ve really gotten a better understanding for technology,” Chaney said. “The software works and works consistently unlike Microsoft.”

The upgraded device comes with an updated processor, retina display and weighs in at only 1-pound. It comes preloaded with iOS7 and a host of free apps including pages.

Ray Nelson, a junior jazz studies student from West Palm Beach, Fla., said he only uses Apple.

“Apple is the standard,” Nelson said. “It’s all I use. Whenever I’m working on homework or making music, I’m using Apple. It works flawlessly and you don’t get a headache while working.”

Apple currently offers discounts to students at qualified schools and universities. The Apple Education stores also offers discounts on software, hardware and accessories; including the Macbook Pro.

Brian Boyd, junior theater student from Ft. Lauderdale, said more students should take advantage of Apple education.

“Apple offers a big discount that most students don’t know about,” Boyd said. “
Every year they give away free iPods or gift cards with a major purchase. I missed it this year but I will be ready next time.”

While Apple continues to make strides towards education, some say that they are losing their edge.

According to, “Apple has rarely been in the business of creating entirely new markets. Apple has only released four products in the last 12 years: The iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and the iPod. “

Otis Averhart, senior criminal justice student from Orlando, said he thinks apple is no longer the standard.

“I feel as though they’re diminishing their products,” Averhart said. ” When they took over the world they stood out. Now it’s hard for me to get excited about anything they release. Apple is no longer the lone standard in technology.”

According to, the Mac has been powering classrooms since 1984.

Andrew Palmer, junior health information management students from Atlanta, Ga., said Apple is in their own lane.

“Apple is in their own lane with their innovations,” Palmer said. ” But they have tarnished their name by simply modifying their products instead of releasing new ones.”