Alumni flock to Homecoming Block Party

Florida A&M alumni return each year to unite with old and new Rattlers for homecoming.

Hundreds of FAMU students and alumni went to the homecoming block party Friday on Wahnish Way. The whole block was covered in orange and green and the aroma of delicious foods lingered.

This year’s homecoming theme is “United we strike: Something Old, Something New, Something FAMU.”

Carmen Cummings, director of alumni affairs and a 1984 graduate from the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, said FAMU helped her blossom and become the confident person she is today. Cummings said FAMU offers a unique homecoming experience.

“We have one of the largest, most impressive homecomings in the state of Florida, especially among historically black colleges and universities,” Cummings said.

The block party was a teaser for Saturday’s festivities. Rattlers got a taste from several food vendors and were able to shop for unique apparel.

Quentin Plair, CEO of Plair’s Sports Apparel from Lawrenceville, Ga., said his team began preparing for homecoming this summer.

“We have been doing this for six years,” Plair said. “We figure out our line for the year and then adapt it to FAMU students and alumni, then we place our quantities based off how many people we expect to attend the game. I’m looking to make $6,000 gross this weekend.”

Marvin Martin, a 1968 graduate and retired schoolteacher, said he loves coming back to Tallahassee.

No matter how old or how far you have gone in life, there is nothing like returning home,” Martin said. “I enjoy the feeling I get from being home again where I got my education.”

Daexia Modeste, a freshman political science student from Orlando, said she has been enjoying homecoming week.

“This is my first homecoming, and I like it,” Modeste said. “It shows that a lot of people have school spirit. I’ve been to all the events they had, and I enjoyed all of them.”

Members of the Royal Court wore their orange and green and mingled with alumni.

Senior Attendant Briana Hill, a fourth-year health care management student from Atlanta, said homecoming is a time to enjoy oneself and represent the university.

“Its good to see all the alumni back,” Hill said. “The food is good, and I’m having a great time.”