New grocer offers organic options in Tallahassee

Trader Joe’s has opened in Tallahassee and is welcoming customers to come aboard.

Residents got a taste of some of the California-based grocery market’s signature products during its grand opening on Thomasville Road.

Brian Travers, store manager, said Trader Joe’s has a lot to offer to the Tallahassee community.

“We are a unique supermarket,” Travers said. “We have over 3,000 unique grocery items. About 80 percent of what we sell is private label, meaning our products have no artificial colors or flavors.”

Trader Joe’s employs 56 people, and its prices are what separate it from traditional grocery supermarkets. Trader Joe’s does not have a typical sales week because its prices are always the same, regardless of what day of the week it is.

In addition, Trader Joe’s is known for its inexpensive organic food and products.

Linda Anderson, who has been a Tallahassee resident for six years, said she is glad the store has finally come to Tallahassee.

“I love the organic products,” Anderson said. “The prices are lower. They have a beautiful selection of products. Their products are just good enough, and they’re delicious but not really high priced.”

The store purchases from manufacturers instead of distributors. It purchases a brand-name product, takes out preservatives and artificial colors and ingredients, adds its own ingredients and sells it at a discounted price under its Trader Joe’s label.

“We have buyers that travel the world looking for great, interesting products and bringing them in,” Travers said. “We have a team that goes and samples everything. They vote on it, and the customers vote as well.”

Everything in the store seems to be customers’ favorite, according Travers.

Whether shopping for the famous “Speculoos Cookie Butter” or produce, customers are guaranteed freshness.

Candace Iaukea, a Tallahassee resident, said she is never disappointed in the quality.

“Trader Joe’s is very competitive, and you know what you get is going to be good,” Iaukea said.

Some just came to browse. Theresa Farr, another Tallahassee resident, said after receiving the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, she had to come see what the hype was about.

“Well, this is my first time here, but I heard great things about it,” Farr said. “I’m liking what I’m seeing right now. The fresh produce looks good and the prices are affordable.”