Support the pink

We suddenly see everything turning pink in October – ribbons, bras and businesses. All of these things are absolutely necessary for supporting breast cancer.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the No. 2 leading cause of death for women in America, according to

Many struggle, fight and, unfortunately, lose the battle against this disease.

My hardest experience with losing someone to breast cancer was in my freshman year of high school. A woman I had known almost my entire life, and a friend of my mother, suddenly began to lose all her hair. She wasn’t able to cook or clean for herself and became very weak. I no longer saw her on Sundays at church, and I could see the depression in her sons’ faces.

At this moment, I realized how serious cancer was. She could no longer go to work and do the things she used to do. Within months, it was as though she had turned into a sickly 90-year-old woman, even though she was only 40.

Just when she was told she beat it, the malicious disease came back even stronger. She tried to go through the chemotherapy treatments, but eventually, it became too tough. She passed away early last year.

My mom lost a friend, and her children lost their mother. I’ve had my fair share of family friends leaving too soon because they couldn’t bear with the pain any longer.

That’s why it’s important to get the word out everywhere to support the cause. October is a designated month specifically for numerous walks around the country, bra decorating contests and many other fundraisers to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer.

If people are on their deathbeds in hospitals around the world, the least someone so fortunate to be healthy can do is donate a few dollars every October to help someone in need. I know that if it were me, I’d want people to do the same thing.

It really helps those who are struggling to see sports teams wearing pink jerseys or organizations wearing ribbons. It gives breast cancer victims something to fight for, and it never hurts to know that there’s someone on their side supporting them the whole way through.Support the pink