Comedians electrify Lawson Center

Vallery Agenor, a senior psychology student from Fort Lauderdale, rushed from the corridor near the interview room. Her mission: isolating time. 

She carefully held her camera as she made her way back to the front of the stage. Agenor did not want to miss a moment of this year’s Florida A&M comedy show.

“I’m actually happy because it’s a step up from the other comedy shows,” Agenor said. “No shade. It’s kind of got me excited for the rest of homecoming.”
FAMU students packed in the Al Lawson Jr. Multipurpose Center on Tuesday night for the homecoming comedy show. In past years, FAMU combined the talent show with the comedy show, but this year, the comedians took the stage solo.

The House Arrest II championship dance team opened the show with its signature “footwork” dance moves and fusing other forms of hip-hop dance into the show.
Thomas-Jamal Williams, the public relations chair for House Arrest II, boasted that the group has been rehearsing for this performance for three weeks.

“It was originally for the dance competition,” Williams said. “It’s still the same skit, but we still went hard like it was a competition. It’s a big deal for us to be a part of another homecoming.”

Tallahassee native and “Comic View” alumnus and comedian Tight Mike was amped for his home court advantage as the host for this year’s comedy show.

“I’ve seen what the comedy has grown from, to now having its own entity,” he said. “It shows the respect that FAMU gives comedy, and I appreciate that.”
Roars of laughter filled the Multipurpose Center as Tight Mike joked about former drug dealers becoming Subway employees. Students such as Agenor were excited for who was to come next.

Tight Mike introduced comedian Steve Brown, a Detroit native who was excited to take the stage to perform in front of the many of attendees who came to laugh.
The Stillman College alumnus said he could relate to FAMU students.

“I’m on a show where a lot of guys understand the HBCU experience,” Brown said. “So I’m doing my part and fitting in the show.”

Brown talked about his scholarship fund – a scholarship started at his alma mater in his name.

“FAMU is one of the beautiful colleges I love,” Brown said. “And hopefully, I’ll have a scholarship fund here.”
While Brown took the stage, Meaghan Taylor, known as DJ Meagy Meag on WANM 90.5, focused on getting an interview with Benji Brown.

“The comedy show is actually one of my favorite events,” Taylor said.

Benji Brown, who is no stranger to FAMU’s Multipurpose Center, expressed his love for FAMU in a cheerful tone.

“This is a school that showed me love throughout the years,” he said. “So if it’s between any other school and FAMU, I’m always going to pick FAMU first. Every time you hear that word homecoming, it’s about to go down.”

The homecoming comedy show turned out large numbers of students and patrons from the community.

Tatjana Soto, the marketing specialist for Rattler Sports Marketing, said she was happy to see the huge turnout.

“We’re definitely taking notes to see how we can do this for the basketball season,” Soto said.

William Hudson Jr., vice president of student affairs, enjoyed the homecoming event and caught up with Tight Mike, his old classmate. Hudson said this is what homecoming is about.

“I think homecoming is a good time to mingle with alumni,” Hudson said over the laughter. “I enjoy seeing the students have fun and socialize.”