Clubbing for homecoming not really worth it

It is the week when every club, lounge and bar hikes the prices by $20 and is packed to capacity. The week when thousands of visitors crowd the streets of Tallahassee and overpay for clubs and lounges that students normally enjoy every weekend for less money. Is homecoming week really worth the money?

This week, many students will overpay for the same clubs they have visited many times. Students and residents will pay $40 for The Moon, $20 for PrimeTime and $20 for Bajas. And that is only if they arrive early.

Although homecoming is one of the most exciting times of the year, I have mixed feelings about going to clubs and overpriced places that will be over capacity.

I believe some students and local residents forget about the other activities that homecoming has to offer, such as the football game – beyond the second half – the step shows and concerts.

Hundreds of students will roam the town unconsciously supporting local businesses and vendors, but how many will support Florida A&M? How many students will attend events that may not be free at FAMU?

Students should invest in FAMU instead of throwing money away in the clubs and streets. They would be helping current and future Rattlers.

Many students will happily pay $700 for an overcrowded VIP booth, probably using their net checks to do so. Some will spend their rent money trying to live outside of their means while others will just enjoy one or two large events and end homecoming.

I have no problem with students wanting to enjoy homecoming the best way possible, but I strongly feel discouraged about overpaying for a club or event that will be overcrowded and uncomfortable.

I think all the bottle popping, money throwing, car showing or car renting should be left for the Tallahassee visitors who will be using this weekend to escape their reality.

Surely lots of people with enough money to make a movie will be in town, but the chances of that being an average college student at FAMU is highly unlikely.

However, there are some exceptions to my way of thinking. If students are able to afford a $700 to $1,500 VIP booth or $50 for general admission, more power to them. If they have visitors in town, they may feel obligated to attend a club or somewhere else that will be overpriced. That is fine, too.

Also, if they are freshmen or graduating seniors who want to make this week memorable, they should go ahead and participate. As for me, a graduating senior, I will make my last homecoming memorable without going broke.