Student senate plans information session on funding

Student senate to hold informational session
Britney Ross

The Florida A&M student senate will hold a reception to show organizations and clubs how to allocate funds through the senate.

Senate President Tonnette Graham, addressed the senate and the gallery Monday regarding the reception and other upcoming events.

“We have to start working,” Graham said.”It will take dedication, but we have to start somewhere.”

The reception is being held to prevent issues regarding lack of financial support from the student senate.

Two representatives and advisers for each club and organization that is registered and certified through the Office of Student Activities will be invited to the social.

The event will feature how-to presentations and a Q-and-A session in order to inform clubs of the necessary steps needed to request funding.

The lack of attendance from pending candidates of the student supreme court made it impossible for the senate to do any confirmations. The confirmation had to be postponed until a later date.

Another focal point during this week’s meeting was the new outlet for students to get information. It is called SGA Talks, and it airs every Wednesday on WANM 90.5 at 12:30 p.m.

SGA Talks is a news radio show that is pre-recorded and used as a platform to inform students on campus politics.

Sen. Taylor Harris invited senators and other members of SGA to participate in the weekly show.

Last week, Graham and student body Vice President Evan Bailey were featured on the show, answering questions regarding upcoming homecoming events.

According to Harris, SGA Talks serves as a liaison between students and members of SGA and allows students to become informed..

“It answers the questions you want to know but might not know how to ask,” Harris said.

Christopher Mack, a business administration student from Palm Bay, Fla., said listening to SGA Talks allows him to stay aware of what is being done for the student body.

“As a transfer student coming into FAMU, I had no idea of what was what as far as student government is concerned,” Mack said. “Some of the information that is provided through the show allows me to meet my student leaders without meeting them in person. It gives SGA a humanistic trait.”

The reception will take place beginning homecoming week on Monday, which is scheduled to continue through Oct. 20.

Thursday, the senate will meet at 7:30 p.m. to finish confirmations in order to complete contracts with student leaders and the university.