FAMU produces excellence

Despite any conflicts occurring in the background, ultimately, a university is only as good as the students it can produce. Florida A&M has proved time and again that it can yield outstanding individuals who will better society.

Alumni continue to strive and soar after they graduate, which is a testament to the great institution that FAMU is and forever will be.

FAMU is a great pillar of higher education that creates and provides a bedrock for many current and former students. Andrew Gillum was elected as a Tallahassee city commissioner in 2003 while he was still a student at FAMU majoring in political science. He became the youngest city commissioner in Tallahassee’s history.

Now he aims to attain the mayoral seat, announcing his candidacy in April. Upon Mayor John Marks’ announcement not to seek a fourth term, Gillum’s election is almost certain.

He is a perfect example of Rattler greatness, and his candidacy will be great publicity for the university. In 2003, he received the “Emerging Leaders Award” from the Congressional Black Caucus Inc. for his leadership in encouraging black youth to become involved in the political process and let their voices be heard.

Because of his dedication and productivity, other leaders have been prompted to entrust him with positions such as the national director of the Young Elected Officials Network and director of youth leadership programs for People for the American Way Foundation throughout his career.

Gillum is just one reminder to the public and ourselves of what FAMU is capable of. If he wins the mayoral seat, this will shine a positive light on the university and help FAMU secure the political clout it surely needs and deserves.

Further exemplifying FAMU’s ability to turn out ambitious leaders, Ramon Alexander, a former FAMU student body president, filed for candidacy for Florida’s House of Representatives, District 8.

Though adamant about not running against fellow Rattler state Rep. Alan Williams, Alexander said he does plan to run a campaign on the premise of civic engagement and future endeavors.

Determined individuals such as Gillum, Alexander and Williams are the reason Rattlers can hold their heads up and be proud of their university.
Though we may have our struggles, FAMU is still an amazing institution that produces successful leaders. Students graduate every semester knowing the tools given to them by FAMU provided them with the potential to reach any height they can imagine.