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Students often skip one of the important meals of the day: breakfast.

Dymone Mincey, a senior pre-physical therapy student from Jacksonville, said she starts her mornings with a bowl of oatmeal and a tall glass of orange juice.

“Breakfast in the morning makes me feel energized,” Mincey said. “It helps me get through my busy schedule and helps my metabolism. I’m not always hungry throughout the day.”

Many students shared similar reasons for missing breakfast, such as being too tired, having no time or not deeming it important enough.

Tiara Madison, a senior pre-occupational therapy student from Jacksonville, said not having breakfast affects her mood.

“When I don’t have time to eat breakfast like I usually do, I’m usually very cranky, sluggish and inattentive,” Madison said.

Jorge Olaves, director of Florida A&M’s Aquatic Center, said he compares the human body to a car.

“A car without fuel and oil can’t run properly,” Olaves said. “Proteins, fibers and carbohydrates from breakfast are important for the body to have to run properly through the day.”

Diamond Ivey, a senior nursing student from Cleveland, said it becomes difficult for her to eat breakfast in the morning when she is trying to make it to her 8 a.m. classes.

“Every morning when I attempt to cook breakfast, I always realize I have five minutes to get to class,” Ivey said. “I usually eat later in the day.”

However, there are solutions for students who want to improve their eating habits and start eating in the mornings.

FAMU’s café offers a buffet breakfast from 7-9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.

“The café has an adequate selection of breakfast that will benefit the students on campus,” Mincey said.

The café has a variety of choices for students that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, omelets, fruit, cereal bars and many more selections.

The Orange Room, located in The Commons, also serves breakfast from 8-10:30 a.m. for students who need to eat on the go. For those students who cannot stop and dine in, breakfast snacks are always an option.

Olaves suggested that fiber bars, apples, bananas and dairy products such as yogurt parfaits could be options for students. He said nothing with a lot of sugar, such as smoothies and energy drinks, will help the body function correctly.

Better Health Article:
Skipping breakfast

Extensive research in Australia and overseas has found:
∙ Many children who skip breakfast are significantly heavier than those who eat breakfast.
∙ Skipping breakfast may diminish mental performance. Eating breakfast may aid learning, as you are better able to pay attention and are more interested in learning.