Hollywood comes to FAMU

Florida A&M’s School of  Journalism and Graphic Communications is hosting the Hollywood Spotlight Entertainment Industry Workshops.

Entertainment industries such as the National Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences, DreamWorks Animations, Turner Broadcasting, Executive Temps and more are bringing their expertise to FAMU.

Even though a fire alarm interrupted the session, students were committed to hearing the insight Peter Campbell, a DreamWorks Animations’ internship and recruitment representative, had about résumés and applying for jobs.

“Your résumé is you on a piece of paper,” Campbell said. “It’s your personality.”

He discussed checking grammatical errors, résumé formatting, conducting research about potential companies and more.  Students had the opportunity to switch roles from interviewees to recruiters.

Students only had a few seconds to look at each résumé to find out who they were interested in hiring. Campbell wanted to students understand the lack of time recruiters have when looking over résumés.

Teniko Hassell, a senior graphic design student from Bermuda, is detail-oriented, but after the session, he planned on making a few revisions to his résumé.

“I’m definitely going home to tweak my résumé tonight for tomorrow,” Hassell said.

Instead of waiting to seek jobs closer to graduation, Monique Martin, an HR technology manager, suggests starting early. She said learning how to manage goals early are what can help students become more equipped to finding jobs after graduation.

“Got out online and find those jobs,” Martin said.

Diamond Hunt-Coleman, a second-year broadcast journalism student from Miami, enjoyed the session and was surprised by the many programs Turner owns.  

“It opened my eyes and broadened my horizons to internships that I can look into,” Hunt-Coleman said.

On Thursday, there will be an expert panel discussion that will take place at Lee Hall Auditorium from 11 a.m to 12:15 p.m.