Cutting food stamp funding is a mistake

It’s unfortunate, but various states are preparing to make cuts to their food stamp programs. This could be detrimental for many households in America who need the extra funds to support their families.

According to the Food Research and Action Center, the purpose of food stamps is to lessen hunger and malnutrition. Yet, on Nov. 1, all food stamp benefits will receive a cut when federal stimulus money ends.

Cutting food stamp funding will harm families who are living paycheck to paycheck, depending on those extra funds to barely make it.

Although there are some people who take advantage of food stamps, the cuts made will help the program fulfill its purpose, which is to help the families in need.

According to USA Today, there are already reductions taking place in Delaware, Kansas, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming. There are reports that two more states will join them once their waivers expire, potentially taking away food stamps from tens of thousands of current recipients.

In 2007, many Americans were affected by the recession, people who were already struggling and suffering even greater afflictions in lieu of the economic downturn. If food stamps are their only way of surviving then it should not be taken from them.
Reducing the funding for this program is going to change peoples’ lives for the worst.

It is true that it will possibly motivate some people to go out and find work. However, the majority of people dependent on food stamps will have a hard time finding a decent job because they’re so scarce. Even if they do, it is going to be difficult to find decent hours to compensate.

If they receive the food stamps while in school, then they will be able to worry less about where they will receive the next meal and consequently be able to focus more on school.

Food stamps are made to help people who cannot help themselves. There are people who take advantage of the system, but to minimize the number of those people, maybe tighter regulations should be enacted.

In any case, hungry adults and children should not be punished because of the misdeeds of few.