Construction complete

Workers laid the final shingles on the roof of Florida A&M’s Sunshine Manor on Friday after weeks of renovations.

The new roof is a more water resistant sheath that will be more durable and keep the building protected from the elements.

With the hurricane season coming to a close, the 77-year-old building at risk was at the top of the list of campus construction.

A typical roof is intended to last around 20 years, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association. However, the weather elements of a location can lessen the life of a roof.

Kelvin Rosier, FAMU assistant director of building maintenance, said the building’s roof was scheduled for maintenance.

“There were numerous roof repairs due to the roof being old and beyond its 20-year life,” Rosier said. “The new roof will last 30 to 40 years.”

Sunshine Manor is the home of FAMU’s counseling services. Students are able to consult with licensed counselors and psychiatrists for individual, group or couples therapy. A fee included with tuition covers 12 free sessions per semester. The center also includes small groups that work on the personal development of students, including single mom support groups.

Janaye Coleman, a junior pre-physical therapy student from Atlanta who is also Queen of Orange and Green, said she is glad the building has a new roof so students can continue to use the facility.

“Sunshine Manor is a truly admirable place for students and a great resource,” Coleman said. “I’m thankful they replaced the roof to a place that has a tremendous impact on the health of our students.”

According to the American College Health Association, nearly 30 percent of college students reported feeling depressed and, as a result, felt anxiety. The Office of Counseling Services seeks to reduce that percentage by providing support for students.

Janyiah Olawale, a senior psychology student from Miami, said counseling services is an essential part of the university.

“The weight of school can be too much on more occasions than one,” Olawale said. “Students have the luxury of a private place to relieve stress in a healthy way.”

Sunshine Manor, given its name by Pearl Gore, former FAMU President George Gore’s wife, was constructed in 1936 and was home to three university presidents. The site has had prestigious visitors from across the country, including the late lyricists Marian Anderson and Roland Hayes. To add more history to the location, it was also the spot of many civil rights protests in the 1960s.