Nefetari’s to host ‘For Virgins…’ play

“For Virgins Who Considered Fornication … When Masturbation Isn’t Enough” will debut tonight at Nefetari’s.

The series of monologues focuses on four virgins in their 30s: the paranoid virgin, the Christian virgin, the cocky virgin and the experienced virgin. As they reveal their struggles with lust, loneliness, desire and heartbreak, they realize they are actually the same.

Dymone Mincey, a senior pre-physical therapy student at Florida A&M from Jacksonville, said she planned to attend the play after she heard about the storyline through a friend.

“It captivated my attention,” Mincey said. “I know it will keep me fully entertained, and maybe I’ll learn a little something.”

Tiffany Brown, an interdisciplinary remote instructional services tutor at FAMU, has the role of the paranoid virgin.

“I could see myself in all of these characters,” Brown said. “It’s wonderful to showcase women’s real inner thoughts as opposed to someone’s ideas. How could you be right about a woman’s perspective unless you’re a woman?

“Some ideas people have are too stereotypical. Although men and women relate to one another in some ways, there are things men will never fully understand because they are male, not female.”

Brown’s character is uncomfortable in almost every situation, including health checkups and social settings. She said the play is educational, entertaining and insightful.

Brittany Bennett, a Florida State University graduate, has the role of the Christian virgin. She said her character is a great depiction of herself and that it was God who led and allowed her to be able to play the role.

“This monologue is a look on the real inner thoughts of what women who choose to not be sexually active think,” Bennett said. “The play is a bit risqué with the dialogue, but I pray the audience can see the underlying message.

“It’s not meant to be taken as a sermon like someone is trying to preach them neither. I just want the audience to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”

Bennett said the experience brought out a more confident side of her. Being that this will be her first play, she was initially apprehensive. But with a lot of prayer and support, she is now “completely fearless.”

“For Virgins” had its first two productions in Atlanta and was transcribed by author and playwright Devin Parrish. He said hopes the play is seen as a critique on self-righteousness and judgment.

“I hope we as people can steer away from the mindset men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” Parrish said. “There isn’t any of that ‘men are all dogs’ mess. I want the audience to examine their preconceived ideas, whether it’s about sex or beliefs. No matter the gender, all people think differently,”

First-time producer and owner of Sunflower Productions Malikah Woody, who is also Parrish’s cousin, will direct the play’s third showcase.

“The subject matter is different and something you don’t often see from a woman’s perspective,” Woody said. “It’s funny and thought-provoking. I was drawn in even more after realizing the reaction from other audience members.”

Guests can expect to receive a copy of Parrish’s book, “God’s Favorite 21st Century Angel.” The biography is a story of personal growth and inspiration, which captures the love between a daughter and her mother.

Doors to Nefetari’s, located at 812 S. Macomb St., open at 5:30 p.m., and the show will begin at 6 p.m. General admission, which will cover the performance, a Q-and-A session with Parrish and a dinner buffet, is $12.
Tickets can be purchased at EventBrite or at the door. For additional information, contact Woody at 850-212-4228.