State troopers increase ticketing in Florida

Troopers increase ticketing
Nicholas Hendrix

Florida drivers might want to relax the next time they are cut off on the highway. Florida Highway Patrol and Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles are cracking down on aggressive driving this week.
This is part of its Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks or TACT campagin, which started in 2012.The goal is to educate and crack down on aggressive driving. The campaign seeks to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities involving cars and trucks through outreach, education and evaluation.
According to the FHP, in 2012 officers issued more than 2,000 tickets for aggressive driving.
Lt. Jeff Frost, public affairs officer with the FHP, said that troopers will be looking for aggressive drivers.
“In Tallahassee and throughout the state, troopers will be out on the highways looking for aggressive driving by trucks and by car drivers when they are interacting with trucks,” Frost said. “Usually in fatal crashes involving a car and a large truck, usually it’s the actions of the car driver that led to the crash.”
According to the Florida Truck Association, in crashes involving cars and commercial trucks, actions by drivers account for 88 percent of the crashes. Only 12 percent of the crashes are the result of vehicle defects, road conditions or inclement weather.
Ny’Jal Mosley, a senior music industry student from Miami, said truck drivers need to be more aware on the road.
“I recently had a scare last month while driving to Miami,” Mosley said. “The driver of a truck began to swerve in between lanes and nearly ran me off the road. I was so scared.”
This initiative also seeks to raise awareness about truck’s blind spots. A blind spot is typically where one driver cannot see another in his or her mirrors. Trucks have large blind spots and troopers call these “no zones.” Crashes are more likely to happen in these areas.
Tayvon Hawkins, a senior animal science student from Edgewood, Md., said aggressive drivers need to be targeted.
“Individuals that drive recklessly should be penalized for endangering the lives of others on the road,” Hawkins said. “I think most drivers are aggressive because they are rushing to get to where they’re going.”
Florida Highway Patrol officials urge drivers to drive cautiously. That means no texting while driving, fiddling with the radio or anything that causes may cause a driver to lose focus.
Troopers will be looking for drivers who are speeding, following other drivers too closely and making unsafe lane changes. Be patient and do not drive aggressively.
For more information about TACT or the Florida Highway Patrol, visit