Airport offers non-stop flight to Orlando

The Tallahassee Regional Airport is now offering a direct flight to Orlando via Silver Airways.
Beginning November 21, the new direct flights will take people to the Orlando area twice a day, Monday through Friday.
Jim Durwin, the assistant superintendent of airport operations, said the direct flights to Orlando will be a convenience to travelers.
“We do see quite a few folks that do interstate travel, and it certainly cuts down on the drive time,” Durwin said. “You can jump on an airplane and be there in no time.”
For college students such as Sele Birchwood, the option of direct flights takes away some of the stress of planning to drive home or having to ask a friend for a ride.
“This option will make traveling much easier,” Birchwood said. “All airports in college towns should start offering more direct flights to where a lot of students are from. I think it will be a good way for students to travel home and have some fun,”
Florida A&M football fans can also look forward to selecting this option just in time for the Orlando Classic.
The direct flights are not just a plus for college students and game-goers. Business travelers are also enjoying the option. Carl Knowles looks forward to having the option to go on business trips from Tallahassee to Orlando.
“Having direct flights would give me a chance to cut travel drive time,” Knowles said. “With that time I could just fly to and from Orlando to handle business and build up my company.”
Durwin agrees that the direct flights will be convenient to business travelers.
“The timing of the flights is very nice, too, to where you could actually leave early in the morning and do your business earlier in the morning in the Orlando area and get back here to Tallahassee that same evening,” he said.
The partnership between Tallahassee Regional Airport and Silver Airways makes the direct flights possible. Durwin said the decision to offer the new travel option came after hearing from flyers who wanted a quicker way to get to the Orlando area.
“We’ve heard feedback from a lot of customers saying they really wanted to get some direct flights from Orlando to Tallahassee,” Durwin said. “So we were definitely excited to work with Silver to bring that service here.”
To celebrate the new travel option, Silver Airways offered roundtrip fare of $69.