Students learn to test HIV/AIDS

Students had the opportunity to attend a two-part class on Saturday that will eventually certify them as HIV counselors and testers.

The HIV/AIDS 500/501 testing and counseling class was sponsored by Sexpectations, an initiative by Florida A&M Student Health Services during the month of September.

The class covered multiple topics, including properly using condoms, remaining professional while dealing with patients and being knowledgeable about different types of sexual diseases.

Taurus Jerelds, a health educator at FAMU and class instructor, explained that being knowledgeable about a patient’s cultural background is important because, depending on the individual’s cultural background, it may be difficult for him or her to talk about his or her sexual activity.

“You want to make sure that the person is very comfortable,” Jerelds said.

Jean Leon, a third-year health care management student from Haiti, said it may be awkward for some students to know the tester is also a student. However, he believes staying professional is key to gaining respect from the patients.

“Even though I may have class with him or her, I am professional with my business,” Leon said.

Precious Crayton, a fourth-year health care management student from Orlando, believes getting certified is moving toward the right direction.

“It’s a good way to give back to the community,” Crayton said.

The second session will be held on Oct. 5. The location is to be announced.