‘Grand Theft Auto’ returns

The new entry in an infamous video game franchise, “Grand Theft Auto V,” was released Tuesday.

The series has faced a number of lawsuits and public backlash over the years because of its violent adult themes.

Some blame crimes and violent behavior in adolescents on violent video games, and the “Grand Theft Auto” series is one of the main targets.

Tyger Latham, a child psychologist in Washington, said he believes a teenager’s brain is not fully developed, so exposure to constant, simulated violence can have an effect.

“Yes, when a young man with a developing brain already angry spends hours rehearsing violent acts, and then he is put in this situation of emotional stress, there’s a likelihood that he will literally go to that pattern that’s been wired repeatedly,” Latham said.

With the release of “Grand Theft Auto V,” some Tallahassee gamers are excited to purchase it.

Many are excited because there has not been a numbered addition to the series since “Grand Theft Auto IV” was released in 2008.

“I’m very excited for the release,”said Jimmy Hardin, a third-year psychology student from Orlando. “Me and my little brother been playing the series for years.”

Jordan Smith, a Tallahassee Community College student, said he grew up playing the games in the series. He said he has been waiting on this game for years and that the game is an escape of reality and does not necessarily influence real-life violence.

“Killing someone does not come from a game,” Smith said. “We see killing in movies, shows and plays all the time, so are they the result of a person’s actions? No.”

However, some are not fans of the popular game.

Meagan Bryant, a Florida State University student, does not enjoy the idea of the game. Who would want their child to sit around all day killing pedestrians, police and others for no reason, she asked.

“A video game of that standard leads to nothing positive,” Bryant said. “It can only put negative thoughts in people’s mind.”

There are also individuals who believe many are taking the game too seriously.

“It’s just a video game,” said Ken Larkin, a GameStop employee. “Some people think too deep into things. Just enjoy what the game has to offer.”