FAMU Student Senate discusses Florida State partnership, Sodexo

On Monday night, the Florida A&M Student Government Association discussed many topics that will affect students in a variety of ways.

Topics ranged from the new agreement between FAMU and Florida State University SGA to whether Sodexo will continue providing student dining services.

Notably, the senate voted on a bill, SR-13 FA-001, that will create a collaborative agreement with the FSU’s SGA that will impact both student bodies entitled “the FAMU-FSU collaboration.”

Representatives from both universities are excited about the possibilities of the partnership.

Student Senate President Tonnette Graham, a junior health care management student from Tallahassee, envisions more partnerships down the road, including one with Tallahassee Community College.

“This is an opportunity for us to expand and have a working relationship with Florida State,” Graham said.

Eugene Butler III, a junior English student from Tallahassee and a senator for FSU’s SGA, said he is looking forward to the collaboration.

Butler said although he is an FSU student, he has attended FAMU events in the past. He said FAMU and FSU are less than a mile apart and that this partnership will be something great for the community.

“One thing that I’m really trying to incorporate into this [partnership] is not one institution bringing an idea and saying, ‘Jump on board with this,’ but it being a true partnership,” Butler said. “And for it to be a true partnership there needs to be co-ownership of the idea so we come together.”

According to Anthony Siders, student body president, there will be tri-branch meeting sometime next week to discuss the possibility of replacing Sodexo and what would be used in its place. Siders mentioned two companies have been narrowed down as replacements.

“Unfortunately, our current food service provider Sodexo will no longer be considered,” Siders said.

Students have voiced their displeasure about Sodexo and the services they provide.

Romando McGhee, a freshman biology student from Miami, said he does not know why Sodexo cannot provide a balance of some healthy food versus fast foods.

“Everything is too heavy,” McGhee said. “There’s too much fast food. They can do 50/50.”

Diamon Mann, a freshman pre-physical therapy student from Jacksonville, agrees with McGhee’s assessment of Sodexo and is skeptical about some of the food selection.

“There are not enough vegetarian options, and they need to get new recipes,” Mann said. “The lettuce looks like it’s been out for a long time.”