Student senate confirms five positions

The 43rd student senate confirmed five positions Monday for attorney general, deputy electoral commissioner and precinct supervisors.

Kicking off the first meeting of the year, eight students were presented to undergo a 10-minute questionnaire before being voted on by the senate.

During Marquise McMiller’s confirmation for attorney general, the Indiana native was unable to answer questions that were posed by the board.

“I apologize for not knowing every single answer,” McMiller said. “But I do know them, and if given the opportunity to be attorney general, I will do my job.”

Despite one opposing vote from Sen. Jonathan Moses, McMiller was confirmed as Student Government Association attorney general.

All students who were present passed their confirmation after deliberations and final votes.

In other SGA news:

  • The Organization and Finance Committee chairman, Tyler Hansberry, informed that the forms for special allocations have not been posted online yet.
  • SGA Explosion will be held Thursday. According to Senate President Tonnette Graham, SGA will begin the procedures for fall elections for the class of 2017.
  • Students can expect a list of dates soon for when SGA will be hosting midnight madness throughout the semester.
  • According to Sen. Jon Owens, the Student Relations Committee chairman, tryouts for the Coleman Library Showcase will be held in two weeks.