Local Vintage Shops Offer FAMU Students Affordable, Stylish Options

As students return to Florida A&M, they are setting fashion trends and expressing their own unique styles.

Many students show this creativity by shopping at various Tallahassee boutiques and vintage clothing shops.

Goodwill, Avant-Garb, Henri Girl and Cole Couture are just a few of the thrift shops and boutiques Tallahassee offers.

Joanna Anorue, a fourth-year nursing student from Jacksonville, said she loves shopping at local boutiques because they offer variety.

“Being in such a small town, if you go to the mall, it’s a possibility that everyone will have on the same clothing,” she said. “I can count on getting something that I know only I will have.”

Vintage shopping has become popular among college students like Christin Rouse, a first-year professional pharmacy student from Orlando, because of the unique finds and affordable prices.

“They have the cutest things that aren’t too expensive and so different,” she said.

Many modeling troupes and other FAMU campus organizations are advocates of vintage shops and boutiques.

Chartzi Spell, a fourth-year business student from Memphis, Tenn., and member of Faces Modeling Troupe Inc., said fashion shows are a great, creative outlet for participants.

“When we have our fashion shows, it’s all about finding those items that are unique and have never been seen before,” Spell said. “We are able to mix and match so many different pieces and turn them into something so chic.”

Goodwill and other vintage shops offer specials and other monthly deals that are popular among college students, which allows students to shop and select pieces of clothing they may not normally be drawn toward.

Jashari Hollaway, a fourth-year psychology student from Orlando, said shopping at vintage stores gives her access to a wide variety of clothes, some of which she she alters.

“I like that going to Goodwill, I can find a men’s shirt, a dress or other clothing that doesn’t necessarily fit,” she said. “But I can use my creativity to alter anything into an outfit. I also like Avant-Garb vintage shop here in Tallahassee.”

Avant-Garb owner Heather Wade said her shop is not the average vintage boutique.

“It’s a little taste of New York and San Francisco mixed,” Wade said. “I buy from everyone around the world and travel to find unique vintage pieces. Sunglasses are always buy one, get one half off.”