Fantasia makes strong return with ‘Side Effects of You’

Fantasia Barrino is back with a revamped look and sound.

Her new album, “Side Effects of You,” is bringing listeners a mixture of tunes with upbeat tempos and slow melodies. Though her sound is fresh, she still provides the sultry, soulful vocals she is known for.

The High Point, N.C., native is making a fierce comeback from what some may call her fall from grace. In 2010, Barrino was accused of having an affair with a married man, whom she had a child with. Some say “Side Effects of You” is inspired by their relationship.

Whatever the inspiration may be, it is obvious Barrino wants to satisfy her fans and attract new listeners. With tracks such as “Lose To Win” and “Without Me”, she brings a soul/rock vibe that is different from previous albums. Barrino’s combination of meaningful themes and fresh beats may aid her in reaching a broader audience.

The single “Lose To Win” sends an inspirational message to women who may have been in troubled relationships. With the lyrics, “Sometimes you gotta lose to win again,” and a catchy beat, this track leaves you feeling that defeat can only lead to victory.

The fifth track, “Without Me”, provides features from Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott. This collaboration reminds listeners to be mindful of who helped them achieve success. With an upbeat tempo and a quirky rap verse from Elliott, this song should be an automatic hit with many women.

Barrino unveils a bit of her personality on the track “Lighthouse,” where she sings and raps. Throughout her verses, she exclaims to the world that she will not change for anyone.

The title track, “Side Effects of You,” speaks to anyone who has experienced heartbreak. Barrino details the effects of falling love with her lyrics that will make listeners want to sing along.

Barrino’s album is meant to make a statement. “Side Effects of You” provides listeners with something for every mood. All 13 tracks explore a range of emotions that anyone can relate to.

“Side Effects Of You” is available now in stores and on iTunes.