What comes after the tragedies?


The horrific events that unfolded on the streets of Boston Monday afternoon were nothing short of cowardice acts on an unsuspecting public.

With new widely used forms of social media such as Instagram, the ordeal was brought directly to any and everyone that owns a phone with camera capability.

Once again, our nation will be launched into a state of concern, shock and unity as we work our way through yet another tragedy. Though it should not be ignored or taken lightly, the question remains — what do we do now? Where do we go from here?

Of course, we’ll heighten security measures across the nation, post countless photos commemorating the lives lost and damaged, and even hold vigils and prayer circles.

It doesn’t seem like it will be easily forgotten at all.

CNN and FOX have around-the-clock coverage of the scene of the hospital. Every show on primetime television will be addressing it directly or indirectly and for the next several weeks, the social media community will be engulfed in all matters concerning the tragedy.

The saddening fact is that once it has all died down – and it will – we will go back to our happy, unharmed lives.

It may be a harsh statement but it’s true. History has proven this fact time and time again. We witnessed nearly 3,000 lives be taken from us all in a matter of hours on September 11 – the biggest act of terror this nation has seen. However, we soon returned to the norms no sooner than the debris and ash were cleaned from the streets.

We have barely crossed the six-month border following the Sandy Hook shootings. Multiple young lives were ended abruptly yet we have already placed it in the back of our minds.

This time, only three lives were taken and roughly over a hundred injured. No buildings were leveled, there were no stories of rubble to dig through in hopes of finding any victims and the perpetrators have been found. The bombings are unforgivable acts and should be treated as such.

This society has taught us to live in the moment and to cry when convenient. That is what we are doing now. We will soon move on to the next “hot topic” of discussion until our backs are once again up against the wall in yet another life shattering national crisis.