FAMU alumnus seek to continue working for the public by running for Tallahassee mayor

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City Commissioner Andrew Gillum

City Commissioner Andrew Gillum announced that he will run for mayor in 2014.

"He has had an outstanding political career and has served the city well,” Florida A& M Interm President Larry Robinson said. “We look forward to his continued service to this community.”

If elected, Gillum vows to have a qualified city manager, develop an office of innovation and continue to build public trust.  Health and Human services are on his list of top priorities. His goals include improving and implementing a healthy lifestyle program for the community. Gillum wants to progress computational literacy and decrease what he calls the “digital divide.”  Another item in his agenda is increasing the resources for teens and the poor.

“I love my city,” Gillum said. “Over the past 10 years, I have worked hard to bridge students and residents. I want to keep Tallahassee attractive and retain a good percentage of [student] talent.”

In 2012 Gillum ran for re-election against three opponents for his seat and won with 72 percent of the vote. He will resign from his current seat next year in order to be eligible in the mayoral election.

Gillum continues to give FAMU all of the credit in building his early political platform.

“FAMU has been everything [to me],” he said. “It played a pivotal role in winning my first election.”

Majoring in political science, Gillum contributed to numerous groups, associations and organized movements. Among those contributions was acting as Student Government Association president, senate president, Mr. FAMU and student involvement with the board of trustees, leading 7,000 students in a march to the Capitol and “Dorm Storm,” where he physically coerced students to vote.

Morris Hawkins, senior fical assistant to SGA, remembers Gillum as “a very good leader.

“Always positive and motivating…he was so much,” Hawkins said. “Easily one of the top five best student leaders of all time.”

Gillum’s advice to students is to get involved with organizations. It adds to ones resume, leadership and community service skills. When employers look a resumes, they are searching for more than just a degree. The workplace can be a competitive environment.

T.J. “Legacy” Cole, a student activist, is proud and believes FAMU produces many talented graduates.

“It’s inspiring to see rattler alumni take the next step in his call to service and I wish him the best of luck,” Cole said.

When asked about his opposition Gillum said it’s “part of the democratic process.” He plans to have a positive campaign free of negative propaganda. He recalled an old quote that his mother use to say, “Never wrestle with pigs because you both end up dirty.”

For more information on the 2014 mayoral race and potential candidates visit talgov.com