BOT approves amendment to purchasing cards policy


Members of the board of trustees have approved amendments to policy #2006-04, the purchasing cards policy, at Thursday’s meeting.

The amendments made to the policy include granting the vice president of administrative and financial affairs establishing powers on card limits when the cardholder is approved and removes language, making it a requirement for the president’s approval for purchases exceeding $1,000.

“PCard limits are established at the time of approval by the vice president of administrative and financial services,” reads the BOT meeting minutes.

The amendments also remove certain elements from the “Uses Not Allowed” list. Permitted cardholders are now allowed to make purchases over the Internet and can make third-party payments using services such as PayPal. Approved officials can also purchase laboratory animals using the PCard.

There were no changes to the penalties cardholders face if the PCard is misused.

“Cardholders are subject to penalties for misuse of the PCard and/or failure to comply with university regulations,” reads the minutes from the meeting. “Use of the PCard is a privilege based on trust.”

Failure to provide proper documentation for purchases made using a PCard or complying with with the policy can lead to the suspension or revoking of the card. Misuse can also lead to employee termination and criminal charges being filed.