Wait for the right one


The value of sex has almost become obsolete. Being intimate with someone sexually in modern times is like sharing some flour: People ask for it and they get it.

It shouldn’t be that easy, and that’s the problem with this generation. Sex is too easy to get and people wonder why they can’t find a good man or woman. Why buy the cow if you’re getting the milk for free?

The things I have been exposed to in college opened my eyes. Prior to attending college, I had no idea sex was just thrown around like a hot potato.

Personally, I believe sex is one of the most sacred acts, and to share my body with someone is a huge deal. It’s a privilege to be able to experience me in that way. And it should be the same with anyone else.

Where did it lose its value? And who invented the idea that sex is just sex? It’s sad to see what our generation has made it into. And honestly, that’s mostly what I see and hear about among my peers.

In all fairness, I understand everyone has sexual needs and not everyone will have emotions tied to the act, but it’s not supposed to be empty. You are literally giving away a part of you every time you have sex. If you have sex with just anyone, you’re not going to have anything left to give when you actually meet the “right one.”

I know many will argue with my opinion, but that’s exactly my point. People used to try and defend the fact that sex should only be shared between two people who were in love or married, but now people try to defend the idea of casual sex as if it’s OK. In all honesty, it’s not OK.

It’s not OK to randomly hook up with some guy or girl you just met the night before or hook up with someone you have no feelings for. How much value could sex hold if it’s shared between two people like that?

I hope our generation takes into consideration that when we have children, we are going to have to give them advice and lead them by example. Are you going to want your children to do the same things you used to do? If the answer is yes, then by all means continue with what you’re doing if you’re that comfortable. But if the answer is no, then something has to change.

Think before you act. Just having sex for pleasure makes you more likely to contract an STD, impregnate someone or be the one getting impregnated.

Put more value on your body, and put more value on sharing it with someone. It will be much more worth it in the end. I guarantee it.