Pay more attention to your spending


Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s song “B.A.R.” opens with the epitome of our generation’s mentality, “Lamborghini dreams, beach house wishes.”

Everybody wants the newest, nicest everything, but at what point do the prices for these things become ridiculous?

Some iPhone 5s’ cost more than $500 without a contract, yet everyone seems to have one. Sure, there are rebates and contract specials that allow you to purchase the phone for a cheaper price, but ultimately, you’re still paying a pretty penny. Even more perplexing is the fact that a majority of society is perfectly OK with this level of expense. However, celebrities senselessly spending money is outrageous.

Kim Kardashian was in the news in June for purchasing a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador for her boyfriend, Kanye West’s, 35th birthday. As a college student, you want to instinctively yelp with disbelief, but to Kardashian, that was no different than buying an iPhone.

So my question again is what truly makes a price ridiculous? Is it a lack of necessity for that item? Or maybe it’s the price in relation to the person’s financial ability? Either way, the definition of “pricey” is most definitely opinion-based.

For example, a middle-class citizen would most likely see Kardashian’s purchase as extreme or even wasteful. West, being a successful musician, could have easily bought himself the car if he truly wanted it. Did he really need a $750,000 gift?

Of course love is priceless, but honestly, if she spends that kind of money on cars, I would love to know what she donates annually to charity.

Although that’s an extremely ridiculous price for a car, Kardashian obviously makes enough money. Why not spend that money on productive things if you’re so eager to waste it?

The average working citizen will most likely never make a purchase of this size. That being said, those small, pricey iPhones serve as more than just a simple, expensive purchase. People ultimately work hard to be able to buy what they want, but when your hard work is just getting you by, things are a little different. That one expensive item is now a reward and basically reassurance that life isn’t so bad.

Because we’re Americans, being wasteful is something we have mastered. But when you don’t have much to waste, the idea is almost ludicrous. It seems things really get pricey when your eyes say “yes” but your pockets are screaming “no.”

In the situation with Kardashian, although her money could have been better spent, she did not hurt herself financially. She may not donate nearly as much to charity as she spends on publicity stunts, but essentially, she’s no different than you and I.

I never see people with iPhones handing homeless people twenty-dollar bills or any money at all. So before judging another person’s spending habits, I like to think about what I would really pay for it if I had more than I do now.