Incoming freshmen meet new admission regulations


Adjustments made by the Florida board of governors to Florida A&M’s admission criteria have contributed to a decrease in enrollment while increasing the caliber of incoming freshmen.After peaking to 2,201 students in fall 2010, first-time-in-college student enrollment began to decline a year later. By fall 2012, the number dropped to 1,152. Guangmin Xie, a FAMU computer applications coordinator, explained why enrollment rose in fall 2009 and 2010.“We enrolled many profile students, or students who do not meet all the admission requirements, in fall 2009 and 2010,” Xie said. “FAMU is allowed to enroll the profile students because many students come from underprivileged families.”Prior to fall 2011, the determination of arriving freshman admission was subjective. Each student was evaluated on an overall ACT or SAT test score depending on his or her ability to meet or exceed the minimum 2.0 GPA. The higher the GPA was, the lower the test score requirement.FTIC students are now required to satisfy each section of both tests. Failure to do so will exempt students from admission into the institution. Beginning summer 2011, students were equally evaluated on the completion of ACT and SAT scores, regardless of their ability to meet or surpass the current 2.5 GPA requirement. After slightly declining in fall 2010, the high school GPA of incoming freshmen has been on the rise again. In fall 2012, the average high school GPA of FTIC students increased from 3.15 to 3.21.Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson Jr. explained what FAMU hopes to accomplish by following admission guidelines.“The minimum requirements for the state university system institutions will be adhered to and increase efforts to engage students, parents and constituents on amended requirements and scholarships available for high-achieving students,” Hudson said. “As the university reinforces its brand, opens new facilities and continues producing outstanding graduates in the academic arena, we anticipate continuing to improve the caliber of student but continue our mission of providing educational opportunities to students who are disadvantaged due to economic or social circumstances.”Hudson added that the university is working to ensure and maintain a high caliber of incoming freshmen.“We offer a variety of attractive scholarships to high-achieving students to encourage enrollment at FAMU,” Hudson said. “In the future, opening the new 800-bed residence facilities and renovation of facilities are goals the university views as attractive to future students. As we leverage technology and develop more online programs, we anticipate increasing the student population.”Kenyatta Rosier, a professional leadership development instructor, believes that raising the stakes for freshmen entering the university conveys a solid message that FAMU has standards.“Unless you meet certain standards, you won’t meet certain expectations,” Rosier said. “When you don’t meet expectations, then you are not successful.”