Real love is dying


Does real love still exist? The question still lingers in my mind. I am forced to be opposed to the idea that it does. Maybe being a college student plays a very important factor in me making that judgment, but I am barely exposed to couples who are genuinely in love with each other anymore.

It’s so obvious how much things have changed over the years. Technology has improved, social media has expanded and there are way more distractions now than there were back then.

Old school love, in my opinion, was real love. Couples stayed together until death separated them. My grandparents, for example, were married for 62 years. They passed away together. I believe love is strong enough to do that. Nowadays, people are married for reasons way beyond me. The sacredness of a relationship has gone out the window.

Can we ever get back to the “realness” of love? A lot of people fall in lust with the visual and not with who someone truly is. This mainly happens because no one puts the time into getting to know someone anymore. Both men and women are a lot more aggressive and are far more willing to settle for just the physical aspect of a relationship. With that being so, we never really get a chance to fall in love with who our partner truly is. This is why I believe there are so many failed relationships.

Every relationship needs a strong foundation, and without a strong foundation, it will fail very easily. What happens if a house is built on sand? How long does it last? Not very long. But a house built on great soil will last for years. The same rule applies in a relationship. If you build your relationship on materialistic things or looks, your relationship will dwindle because those things don’t last. Validate your relationship through knowledge and longevity.

This is a huge concern of mine because if this is how things are now, I can only imagine how things will be in the next generation. We need to lead by example. I am not saying that true love is completely dead, but I do believe if we don’t make a change, genuine love will become extinct.

Look for the things that really matter, the things that will last. Fall in love with those things first and maybe then relationships will be more successful.