Embrace your imperfections


I think a big problem with this generation of women is that we often compare ourselves to the people we see on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. And with us comparing ourselves, it affects the way we view ourselves and others.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s no good, and it serves no positive purpose. A part of growing and evolving is self-acceptance. Accept who you are for exactly what you are, and only try to better yourself, not to match up to anyone or compete with anyone, but to simply be a better you.

You are stuck with yourself for the rest of your life, so why spend it trying to be like someone else?  Everyone isn’t going to have the same body type. Everyone isn’t going to have the same amount of money, and everyone isn’t going to have the same hair or bone structure. What would originality be if everyone was exactly alike? It would be a very boring world aesthetically. The beauty of being an individual is accepting everything for what you are – flaws and all.

I am not sure where this idea of perfection arose from, but it has completely consumed our generation of women. Some wear boatloads of makeup to look “perfect.” For who? I am not really sure, but whoever and whatever it is, has completely captured the attention of our women. There is no such thing as a “perfect” person, so why not embrace all the imperfections that make you unique? That truly makes you beautiful.

I know everyone has insecurities and that’s OK. It’s normal. But having those insecurities consume you to the point where it makes you want to change who you are to look like someone else that you believe looks better is completely absurd. And you know what? That same person who you want to be like may be doing the same thing that you are doing, only to someone else.  

I just wish us women could just accept the person we are, inside and out. This world would be so much more beautiful.