Finally finding my faith


Most of my friends and family expected my life of sin to reach its peak in college. Instead, it wasn’t until college that I gave my life to God.

I always thought that God was boring since He had so many rules in public. I felt awkward in private, and I felt like an idiot talking to myself alone in my room on my knees. It wasn’t until I spent time with real men of God that I realized where I went wrong. The only problem is that most people hear about the “fairy tales” of living for Christ and actually enjoying it yet never see it.

You’ve most likely never seen anyone with a real relationship with Christ. Or even worse, you’ve never seen anyone in a real relationship. If you love someone, you’re selfish. It’s not out of insecurity. You just don’t want them to share what you both have with anyone else.

There is a form of intimacy and attention that should be set apart for the one you love above all others. This is the jealousy Christ has for us. If you love someone, you want him or her to have the best of everything and stand out above all others, not only because he or she represents you but because that person represents royalty.

This is the respect God has for us. When you are in love with someone, no one has to convince you. If anything, you spend most of your time convincing your lover how much you care about him or her. God has been telling us since the beginning of time through His creation, the sacrifice of His son and the gift of eternal life just how much He cares about us.

God spent the entire Old Testament talking about what makes Him angry and how His holiness is so powerful that many would even die in his presence. He never changed, but He did want a closer relationship with us.

If you love someone, you never want to leave his or her side. This is the omniscience God shows. If you love someone, you want to give him or her the world. God did that in Genesis. Most people stray from God when they come to college because they have yet to realize who He is. I had no idea who God was, but I asked Him to tell me, and He’s been showing off ever since.

Now, every day of my life is an adventure from God. There are plenty of reasons for you to stray from God. Most of those reasons involve church members who act so ugly, but I learned a long time ago that you can’t let ugly people keep you from doing beautiful things.