Board of governors meeting recap


The Florida board of governors met at Florida A&M for its scheduled meeting with all board members present Wednesday and Thursday.


The BOG comprises 17 members that govern the state university system, including all public universities in the state.


To better connect with all the campuses in the state university system, the BOG unanimously agreed to rotate the locations of its meetings in the coming years.


During Thursday’s meeting, BOG Chair Dean Colson thanked FAMU and Interim President Larry Robinson for hosting the meeting.


“This is the first meeting that I’ve had here,” Colson said. “I support the FAMU board of trustees’ decision to keep Robinson as interim president with SACS’ (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’) progress.”

After Colson welcomed Tony Bennett, a new member of the BOG, Chancellor Frank Brogan thanked FAMU for accommodating the BOG and gave his report on the future of academic library access.


“These things are very complicated to get together,” Brogan said. “FAMU has been very accommodating, and we appreciate the hospitality.”


He gave an in-depth report on the task force on the future of academic libraries in Florida. This initiative was created by Brogan and Chancellor Will Holcombe to determine a strategic plan for the future of academic library access, resources and services.


“First of all, as most of us know and some not, we’re often running on an online education and automated library services,” Brogan said.

The automated services will come in two forms: direct information and services necessary to navigate. 12