$10 dates to help students save money


There’s rent to pay, net check season is over and watching a movie at home with your significant other may lead to unwanted things happening. So here are five dates for under $10 that will give you the chance to get closer with limited funds.


Going out to breakfast can be a great way for a couple to keep costs down. Breakfast can be the cheapest and best meal of the day. Venture to Olean’s for a breakfast that’s close to campus. Eating breakfast at a restaurant can allow two to be comfortable for easy conversation.


Get competitive. Seminole Lanes offers bowling for $2.50 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Let the winner of the game decide when and where the next date is. Or, you can even help each other play, which allows you to get close to see if there’s a spark. Bowling can also be fun for couples who have been dating each other for a while and need a change from their regular routine.

Malcolm McFarlane, a graduating senior political science student from West Palm Beach, Fla., has been dating his girlfriend for a year and a half and finds it difficult to come up with new date ideas with short funds. He said bowling is an ideal date for him.

“I love to bowl,” McFarlane said. “But my lady can’t bowl, so it would be fun to teach her and spend wisely.”

Video Game

Ladies, it may be time to break out the controllers. Video game dates are not only fun, they’re also free. If either party isn’t afraid to look silly in front of each other, break out a dancing game. If one person is shy, find a fighting or racing game to bring out their aggressive side. Partner games, such as “Little Big Planet” and “Call of Duty,” are ways to bring a couple closer to completing a mission.

A Walk in the Park

A walk in the park may seem cliché, but it’s a great way for people to talk, hold hands and get to know each other. The park is a great backdrop for romantic moments and provides opportunities for memories.12