Students celebrate women’s history at health and wellness expo


Students participated in the 90s-inspired Kris Kross: Health and Wellness Expo in Jake Gaither Gymnasium as part of its Fourth Annual Women’s Conference on Tuesday.

The conference held a series of events tailored to and celebrating women. According to Tashanae Francis, chairwoman of the conference, the Florida A&M’s Women’s Center had to look to outside resources to help ensure a successful week due to low funds. College Club was among the additional sponsors of the week’s events.

The theme, “In Living Color,” was created as a reflection of women from the 90s to today. Francis said African-American women were going to be a major focus of the conference.

“We are focusing on how African-American females go unrecognized for their work, and the women of today need idols to look up to,” Francis said.

During the workout, the women were able to participate in zumba, answer trivia questions about health and wellness, receive door prizes and HIV testing. One goal of the planned activities, Francis said, was to help break barriers among the women.

“Another focus of ours is to make sure that we have bonding time and exemplify the meaning of sisterhood,” Francis said.

Loren Jackson, a second-year animal science student from Orlando, Fla., enjoyed the event because she was able to be social and work out at the same time.

“This was really fun, and I got to meet new people,” Jackson said.

Other students, such as Kendra Mincey, a freshman general education student from Atlanta, took advantage of the HIV testing. Mincey said the presence of the HIV screening technicians was convenient and encouraged her to get tested.

“I figured why not get tested?” she said. “It was available, and it’s always good to know your status.” Mincey said.