Quick and easy wall art on a dime

Crafting is a fun, expressive way to unwind and release stress and tension from the day. At least, that is how I see it. I enjoy spending a Saturday afternoon making something to hang up on my walls or to decorate my entertainment unit.

I like repurposing old items. You can use anything such as books, old metro tickets or T-shirts you haven’t worn in years. The main perk to repurposing is that it lowers the cost of materials for your craft.

I have spent countless hours on the Internet sifting through different crafting websites looking for interesting and fun projects to make during my downtime. I have found some things that are ridiculously overpriced but found ways to make them cheaper.

I remember finding one book decoration that was priced at $50. It was only a book that had some pages cut and reglued to the book in a teardrop pattern. This gave it the illusion of pages flying out of the book. I did it for $5 with a poetry book I bought at a thrift shop and the razor blade and glue stick I had in the house.

I have even incorporated crafting into my Christmas parties. One year we repurposed old jars into snow globes for gifts and party favors. It is a fun way to interact with your friends while creating something you can use in your dorm, apartment or home.

Here is one craft that is both easy and versatile. It is a book craft that you can customize with your own design, specific book or even with a particular language.




X-Acto knife

Elmer’s glue (white)


Sponge brush12