Carnival cruise commotions cause doubts


In the wake of some negative press for Carnival cruise ships, do people still want to go on cruises?

The 102,000-ton Carnival Triumph, which is the size of three football fields, left a lasting impression on more than 4,000 passengers.

Triumph was on its way back from its final destination in Cozumel, Mexico, on the morning of Feb. 10 when a fire blazed in the engine room that resulted in power loss. Sewage from overflowing toilets streamed down hallways and rooms every time the boat tilted. For four days, passengers slept on decks in hallways and made due with little food.

Patrice Jones, a junior professional training student from Sanford, Fla., said the idea of going on a cruise is not appealing to her at the moment.

“I won’t go on a cruise this year,” Jones said.

Two other ship mishaps occurred aboard Carnival Legend and Carnival Dream. Earlier this month, Carnival Legend experienced technical difficulties that affected its sailing speed and forced the company to refund passengers and cancel a trip to Grand Cayman. Days later, a malfunction in the emergency generator of Carnival Dream cut vacationers’ trips short and forced cruise lines to cancel a trip that was scheduled for March 16.

Gale Workman, a journalism professor at Florida A&M, was aboard Carnival Dream alongside her husband and four friends. Because her trip was cut short, she said she left feeling disappointed but safe.

“The process embarking the ship went as smoothly as it possibly could,” Workman said.

She was refunded and offered 50 percent off a 4-to-7 day cruise anytime within the next two years. She said, although the bad press is costing the cruise line money and damaging its reputation, she has confidence it will make a comeback.

CEO Gerry Cahill issued an apology after the events on Carnival Triumph. He apologized to guests for the poor conditions on board and said he failed them by not providing a great vacation experience.

But will an apology be enough to persuade those who have never been on a cruise to try one?12