Advisement on the Set Day informs students about registration

The Office of University Retention held Advisement on the Set Day on Friday to keep Florida A&M students aware of important registration dates.

Students were able to set appointments with their advisers and had the chance to speak to other department representatives from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Johnny McCaskill, School of Business and Industry adviser of the Undergraduate Experience Program and event coordinator, said the purpose of the event was to give students the opportunity to ask questions about their majors or any other major of interest.

“We have different schools out here who are giving out information, as well as the Career Center and the Office of Financial Aid,” McCaskill said.

The Undergraduate Experience Program is a component of the School of General Studies that is designed to assist first and second-year students with academic progression. The program provides students access to a university-wide academic advisement center.

Tarolynn Tucker, a freshman chemistry student from Jacksonville, Fla., said her adviser is extremely helpful when she has questions about her progress through her curriculum.

“She is someone I can call on whenever I am not sure about my major, and she’s really helping me stay on track,” Tucker said.

McCaskill said the Set was the chosen location for the event because it was easily accessible to students.

“We wanted to bring advisement to the students, and that’s why we are out here on the Set, so we can be visible,” he said. “We also want to inform the students that registration for the summer and fall will begin soon.”

For students such as Paul Stewart, a second-year health care management student from Orlando, Fla., Advisement on the Set Day was helpful in informing him about registration dates for both the summer and fall semesters.

“I never know when it is time to register for classes,” Stewart said. “I usually find out from some of my older friends.”

This was the first time the Office of University Retention held an event such as this on the Set. McCaskill feels hosting similar events will aid in keeping students informed about important dates, such as registration.12