One Who Finds a Mentor, Finds a Good Thing


Having a mentor is the best thing anybody can do to enhance his or her life. Mentors typically are the people who have successfully achieved goals that are highly impressive and lives in a way that you would like to emulate.

They are selfless enough to look back and see how they can bring up those behind them up to where they are and better. A good mentor can provide their mentees with advice that will cause their mentees to avoid stumbling blocks that they’ve faced.

People are not limited to the number of mentors they should have, but it’s encouraged that the number does not grow too large. Too many opinions may confuse you.

The best mentor is the person who you feel comfortable being completely open and authentic with. The more open you are with a person, the better they can help you. Often mentors fall into our lives.

I am fortunate because I met my mentor at the early age of eight years old.

Something he always told me was that life is not stalling for you to continue to be mediocre. He constantly told me that I have more potential than I know. But having potential isn’t enough.

The graveyard is full of people who had potential but didn’t use it. Will you be one of those people who could have, but didn’t or will you be one of those people who could have and did?

My mentor pushed me and continues to push me. That is what they are for; to push you to accomplish things you didn’t even think were possible.

A valuable mentor is someone who can take you under their wing and make a personal pledge to do everything in their power to make there mentees better.

Mentors can be great but be sure that you pick a mentor who will push you to achieve your mission and beyond.

I guarantee if you ask any successful person in the world if they had a mentor they will tell you they were and the amazing advice that their mentors gave them that carried them to success.