Southside Arts Complex wraps up Black History Month

The Southside Arts Complex (SAC) ended Black History Month with a week of events, including Wednesdays A SAC Full of Stamps, which ended Sunday.

It has been a great interest to the surrounding community, said Pamela Bowens-Saffo, visual arts director at SAC.

Representatives from Leon County schools and parents brought children to see the exhibition of large-scale reproductive stamps of historical African-Americans.

My two children visited the gallery, and they said it was very informal, said Marilyn McDonald, a Tallahassee resident.

The 2013 Black History stamp of civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, has the heading courage on her stamp.

The visual works of this show was a fun learning experience through the arts, Bowens-Saffo said. Grade level students understood how stamps are a functional as well as commemorative of history.

This exhibition, which was free for all students, was displayed through February and ended Sunday.

Since fall 2012, the SAC mural Lift Every Voice has been a work in progress.

The theme of the mural is an inspiration of the African-American [National] Anthem written by native Floridian James Weldon and his brother John Rosamond Johnson, Bowens-Saffo said. The mural is a visual narrative of all dreams is possible, and learning through the arts will encourage the creative potential of everyone.

The mural is a large-scale project involving all university students and many graduates of Florida A&M.

Two artists that have been instrumental are Corey Ryan and Reginald Littnan, Bowens-Saffo said.

This spring, SAC is planning a festival of the arts with live music and food. During this event, there will be a special unveiling of the mural “Lift Every Voice” in the Southside area community.

SAC also has an after-school program. Marcus Rhodes, the executive director of SAC, said, The students can take martial arts classes, as well as music, dance, theatre andvisual arts.