Wise beyond my fears: Staci Cook’s words of wisdom for everyday life.

My friend is single but is very much involved with a man whom she is totally aware is Mr. Wrong. Her birthday is next week, and she was calling to talk about her plans. Honestly, with her boos track record, I was very surprised her plans would include him. This man had proven to be more of a headache than anything. Regardless, shes had a thing for him and, against her better judgment, was looking forward to spending her birthday all booed up with Mr. Migraine.

Lately, the two of them hadnt really been on good terms. Shed been giving him the cold shoulderafter one of his most recent antics. She said hed been calling tirelessly and had planned something special in hopes of getting back into her good graces. When she finally answered his call, he immediately asked her out. She grudgingly accepted, hung up and called me to vent:

Friend:Why must I ignore and mistreat this man in order for him to act right?

Me:Girl, if only I knew the answer to that one. I would really know something.

Friend:No, Staci, for real. Why do men operate like that? When I act right, he acts wrong.

Me:Well, its because you have the wrong guy. What better way for life to show you that than by having things between the two of you seem, well, wrong? Its very similar to putting a T-shirt on inside-out or backward. The wrong look and feel of the shirt is what helps you realize something is wrong. And unless you enjoy the feeling of having your shirt on wrong, logic tells you to take off the inside-out T-shirt.

Friend: I like that analogy. So what you saying? I should just take the Negro off and put him back on? What would be the point of that? I sometimes feel like Im dealing with a child.

Staci Cook is a junior public relations student from Tallahassee. Her goal is to found three service organizations in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and health and fitness. She plans to write self-help books and travel the world as a faith-based motivational speaker. Cook is currently writing her first book entitled, STACI:Seeing Things As Christ Intends!”