Tattoos: Yay or nay in the workforce?

Tat-tat-tatted up. The Alliance, featuring Fabo from the rap group D4L, released the song Tattoo in 2007.

For some, tattoos on ones back, chest, arms and legs dont seem unusual. But nowadays, people even have tattoos on their faces. But while the urge to tattoo the body is acceptable in some peoples personal lives, it may be frowned upon in their professional lives.

Some business owners or store managers, such as Blondie Sainterling, a manager at Claires Boutique, have to take into consideration the amount of tattoos and/or the type of tattoos their employees expose.

Its listed in our dress code that were allowed to have three visible tattoos, but none of the face, Sainterling said.

According to Sainterling, part of the reason pertains to maintaining a proper image for customers.

Based on our customers and what the parents want their kids to see, only a certain amount of tattoos and piercings are allowed to be visible, Sainterling said.

She also noted that as long as the boutiques employees body art does not interfere with their professionalism, its fine.

While tattoos can be a problem to some while job hunting, others find it fairly easy to be hired, even with numerous tattoos. Rebecca McCray, a receptionist at the Urgent Care Center, has several tattoos. She said getting her job in the clinic wasnt hard at all.

I think all that mattered was my certification and training, McCray said. When I went in for my interview, of course, I was covered up, and Im covered up now.

However, she does have a tattoo of a small star on her hand.

I dont think thats a problem compared to all the other tattoos I have that you cant see, McCray said. I may not have got this job if those were shown.

Marcus Jones, a tattoo artist at Moes Tattoos, said tattoos shouldnt hinder a person from getting a job.

Basically, its your way of freely expressing yourself, Jones said. Tattoos are a form of that through art. Body art shouldnt make an employer tell you no. Youre lack of experience and attitude should determine that, not tattoos.