Girl Talk allows students to discuss personal issues

Girl Talk had its second program Monday in the Rattlers Den. The program is a serious, uncensored discussion about life and issues students face daily.

Denise Manning, a life coach and head of the Office of Service and Leadership, began Girl Talk earlier in the semester as an initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle of psychological well being through life coaching. She not only aids in securing students with various community service opportunities to satisfy university requirements, but she also provides counseling for students.

After a large turnout for the event in January, Girl Talk moved from Truth Hall to the newly renovated Rattlers Den, a lounge where students can come to study, relax or hangout from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Equipping the room with light snacks, soothing music and candles, Manning attempted to create an atmosphere where students could feel at ease. Quotes on the walls read Imagine your potential and Challenge your limits to serve as reassurance mechanisms for positive thought.

And in addition to giving students advice about school, Manning also wants to help students with their personal experiences.

Advice is not what I am here to share, Manning said. I want to provide insight, not only based on personal experience, but also the experiences of others to help individuals grow as they matriculate through college life.

Cherna Cherfrere, a second-year biology pre-med student from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said the seminar provided her with necessary guidance for her everyday life, and she is excited to spread the word about the event.

The seminar teaches you how to handle life socially, Cherfrere said. I grew up in a home without any sisters, so in that one session, I gained a lot of knowledge about respect for self and how to carry myself more as a young woman. When the next seminar is held, I will be sure to bring a friend.

The seminar held Monday focused on finding your purpose, discrimination with skin barriers, overcoming obstacles and relationships.

Clifton Abraham III, a third-year business administration student from Dallas, said as a male, he gained a lot of insight at the event, even though it seemed to be tailored to women.

As a male, I feel you get to understand the female perspective on a lot of different topics on a very mature level, Abraham said. Although the discussion is obviously geared towards women, I would still recommend some males taking a moment to listen to what it is females consider when it comes to different subjects.

Being thrown into a situation such as coming to college may create an interesting and, for some, confusing journey into the next phase of life. So Manning has Girl Talk as a way for individuals to discuss what they are going through. She also has life coaching sessions Thursdays and Fridays by appointment, which range from 30 minutes to an hour long, to discuss issues one on one.

Nehemiah Dorce, a senior doctor of pharmacy candidate from Brooklyn, N.Y., said the Girl Talk sessions helped increase her self-esteem and will aid in the transition process post-graduation.

The only thing holding me back is my degree, Dorce said. Once I get my degree, I know I will be successful in all the things I want to accomplish. This Girl Talk seminar taught me to continue to hold myself to a high standard and stay focused on my goals. It was a very nice event that more students should try to attend.