Presidential Search Committee discusses future president’s compensation package


The Presidential Search Compensation Subcommittee met Friday for about 30 minutes to discuss the compensation package for Florida A&M’s future president.

“Our goal is to have a president selected before the next academic year begins,” said Karl White, chair of the Presidential Search Committee.

The subcommittee discussed the tenured position of the package. Trustee Cleve Warren expressed his concern about the next president’s benefit package, should he or she be asked to leave or step down.

“We might find ourselves stuck with them after asking them to leave,” Warren said.

Former President James H. Ammons plans to return to the university as a faculty member. His contract granted him a position in the College of Arts and Sciences. As part of his contract, Ammons would be paid 90 percent of his base salary as president or about $307,000, which would make him the highest-paid tenured professor.

Rosalind Fuse-Hall, chief of staff and liaison for the board of trustees, said, “This tenured position negotiation occurs on the front end.”

Suggestions were made to the $20,000 moving allowance reimbursement and the 12 percent annuity rate included in the contract up for review.

Warren said the recommendations from the subcommittee will come back to the board of trustees.

Greenwood/Asher & Associates Inc. is the firm assisting the board of trustees in its presidential search. The next scheduled meeting is April 11.