Food trucks drive business in Tallahassee

The food truck industry is an emerging business in Tallahassee and the Big Bend area. Due to its expansion, the Tallahassee Food Truck Association was created in 2011.

Shane House, a tax and revenue specialist, said he noticed a local expansion of food trucks in April 2011. The association currently has 14 members, according to its website.

Gigi Baella Hernandez, general manager of the food truck Turnover Caf, is originally from Peru. The trucks menu changes weekly, according to what customers want. The caf sets up at Innovation Park during the week for lunch.

Sheila Barbee, a local customer, said the Peruvian food at the Turnover Caf was yummy and gave the food truck a positive review.

We ordered [it] today from my office, Barbee said.

The varieties of empanadas are a staple food item at the Turnover Caf. One of its empanadas is filled with ground beef, onions and olives, topped with powdered sugar.

The truck is also known for its tamales. According to Edward Tellechea, a frequent food truck patron, the tamales he gets on the food trucks are the best tamales in Florida.

Food trucks offer restaurant-quality food at fast food prices. The association opened two new locations for food trucks to set up their businesses in 2012. This year, the association is looking to establish a food truck park downtown.

Rebecca Kelly, owner of the Tallahassee Food Truck Association and Street Chefs food truck, said she used her mothers life insurance money she received in 2010 and help from friends to buy the food truck.Kelly took the risk of owning a food truck 19 months ago and is thankful she did.

I figured the worst that can happen is that I fail, I sell the truck and go back working in someone elses kitchen, she said. But I couldnt go knowing I didnt try.